One Fashion Girl

One Fashion Girl – Who are we?

Hello girls around the world! This is supposed to be an “About us” page which should let you know what this website is about, but it will actually become an “About me” page since I am, as the name of the website says, One Fashion Girl, or at least, I’m trying to be. One Fashion Girl is meant to be a lifestyle website, more exactly,in case you didn’t notice the “pinkyish” design, a girl lifestyle website. This website┬áis meant to be about you, me and every other girl in the world.


Because every girl (well, not every but most girls) likes fashion, buying make-up products or clothes, trying new things. But most importantly, because I want to be useful. Yes, useful, offer something to the girl community. One Fashion Girl is the website where you will find product reviews, lifestyle tips & tricks and solutions. Solutions for, let’s hope, any problem.

One Fashion Girl is a girl, any girl with everyday struggles like choosing an outfit, or a make-up product, maybe deciding where to travel next or if you should or shouldn’t buy something. This website tries to be your bestie, your mother or sister.

How am I different?

I have no idea. I am not. Actually, I don’t really want to be different. However, you will have to stick around and find out. So, if I convinced you, you can come back any time. Also, you can follow One Fashion Girl’s activity on Facebook.