beach essentials 2017What do you put in your beach bag? – Beach essentials list

Hello, fashion girl! Are you already at the beach? I know, I can’t wait to finish my exams and get right out of here. When you go to the beach, you usually have a bag in which you can put things for a few hours, if not for the whole day. This is because you often don’t go into your room for a day, but stay under the umbrella or shelter on a shady terrace until you can get back into the sun. So what are your beach essentials to stay calm all day on the seashore?

A huge beach towel

The first thing that comes to your mind when thinking about beach essentials is probably the towel. Bring a pretty big towel and fold it in length, then roll. Takes less space! Choose a colorful one since it’s easier to spot it when coming out of water.


I hope you don’t go to the beach without having sunglasses on you! Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes. In addition, you will look sexier with some cool glasses and can look for boys without being noticed!

Sun protection lotion

Beach essentials? SPF! You need it when you walk through the city, but the more it is indispensable on the beach! Choose a high SPF lotion to protect you! Don’t forget to reapply it several times during the day.

Lip balm

Lips need protection too, so take a SPF lip balm.

After sun lotion

From your beach essentials list you shouldn’t miss a lotion that will cool your skin after sitting in the sun. It should be a gentle and nutritious body milk.


The best for the beach are wide-bored hats, such as floppy ones, that protect your eyes, face, neck and even your shoulders.

Plastic bag

A small plastic zipper bag is good to protect your phone, wallet and some jewelry you don’t want to get wet.


If you are going to stay a long time at the beach and don’t want to buy food, put in your bag a few snacks. They can be fruits or granola bars or whatever you like and resist in the heat!


Don’t forget that on the beach, it’s essential to hydrate yourself. So take enough water with you, so you don’t suffer from thirst!


It is always good to have a pareo to put it on quickly, to protect yourself against the rays of the sun.

A book

Last but not the least on our beach essentials list is a book or a magazine. A book is better! It’s relaxing to read a beautiful story while tanning!

Now that you’re ready, let there be sun!


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