expensive looking clothesExpensive looking clothes for little money

It sounds utopian, isn’t it? Well, no! We know how to choose an outfit in order to look expensive, but not affect your budget! It happened to you to wear something fabulous. You were admired for your outfit. You felt good! And then you were asked “Where did you get it from?”. And, you may have found that the answer was not at all “precious”. Quite simply, that piece of clothing looked expensive, without costing you a fortune. It happened to us too so we wondered what makes a coat look expensive and another cheap. How do you choose expensive looking clothes for little money?

Of course, fast-fashion stores reproduce trends the best. The colors and styles the designers presented on the catwalk. But you can not copy the quality of the fabric.

However, not all of us can wear cashmere and silk. So, we found out how to get expensive looking clothes for little money. Even if you buy on sale, it doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be luxurious.

Materials that seem expensive

You can get expensive looking clothes with textures that seem expensive, although they may not necessarily cost much money.

Wool is one of the textures that seem expensive. And unlike other materials, wool “ages” beautifully, elegantly.

Artificial leather has some pluses: it’s a vegan version, so animal-friendly and it’s cheaper!

Cotton is another fabric that can make you look expensive for less money. It is a material that performs well in washing and is easy to maintain.

Materials that seem cheap

So for the expensive looking clothes for less money you need to avoid these.  And that’s because the following materials look cheap!

Rayon ages badly. It gets worn out and even breaks easily after a few wears.

Acrylic fibers are known as materials that lose shape. They can become asymmetrical and they can really be crooked after a wash. And one more thing: if you choose them for autumn-winter pieces, be careful: they don’t keep you warm!

Polyester is a fabric that can look like expensive clothing for less money, but it can also be a cheap-looking fabric. It’s about his quality. And, although it has a bad reputation, polyester is sometimes nice to touch and looks as good as silk.

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