fashion mistakesFashion mistakes every woman makes after a certain age

Hello, fashion girl! If you are not 20, 30 years old, I advise you to avoid these fashion mistakes. It makes you look older it doesn’t put your silhouette in a bright light. Maybe you do it without realizing, maybe you’ve noticed them in the women around you. However, these fashion mistakes should be forgotten if you want a flawless look.

Fashion mistakes – wearing lycra tights

This type of tights is no longer in style and neither flatters the bodies of the young, nor the legs of the elderly women. Or a certain body weight. In addition, it gives a modest and aged look to the outfit.

You don’t wear cotton clothes

Elastic clothing and other materials that stretch, glisten and overheat the skin should be banned during the summer. Wear cotton clothes, because while they need to be ironed, they care for your skin, when high temperatures are coming, they are comfortable and slide well on the body.

You prefer to highlight your silhouette wearing clingy clothes

Even if you look good, though you’ve been through your first youth, you should not wear clothes that show all your shapes. To hide body imperfections, wear casual clothes instead of pencil skirts and short jackets, for example.

You wear cuts that highlight your waist (in a bad way)

Avoid clothing that emphasizes cuts and seams on your waist, if you can not boast of a thin waist. This is one of the fashion mistakes many women make. Better wear belts or cords with which to create the discreet illusion of a thinner waist. This trick helps, even when we talk about a few more extra pounds over the ideal weight.

Beware of shiny accessories

Pearls are ideal accessories for women over 40, 50 years old. You can wear at any event, if they are blend them tastefully. Pay attention to quantity and size! A loaded pearl outfit is not a happy choice.

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