hair removal mothodsHair removal methods to help you prepare for summer

Hello, fashion girl! Hair removal can cause a few problems, especially when you have a sensitive skin. In the area I live waxing is very popular, but not everybody can take it. That’s why I’ve prepared some simple hair removal methods for your home – you control the process, you can cut the pain!

Cream hair removal – a quick and easy method!

cream hair removal mothods

If you want a moisturized skin immediately after hair removal process, you can use a depilatory cream. All you have to do is apply the cream in a uniform layer, on the surface you want to remove the hair, wait five minutes (or how much time says the instructions say; usually not more than eight minutes) and remove the product with warm water and shower gel.

Shaving – you can try it anytime at home

shaving hair removal methods

One of the hair removal methods to try at home shaving. In this case, you should be very careful about cutting yourself. Never hurry when shaving and take care of the inguinal area and other areas where the skin is more sensitive. Shaving is the best solution for showering. Apply the shower gel or shampoo foam to allow it to slip smoothly.

Tip: After you finish, keep the razor away from moisture! You do not want a rusty blade, do you?

Epilator – an effective method

epilator hair removal methods

The epilator is your best friend when it comes to hair removal methods for your home. The skin should be exfoliated, but especially dry when using the epilator. Unlike cream and razors, after hair removal, it takes more time for the hair to grow back! However, it may hurt a little.

Little advice for before and after hair removal

Remove dead skin cells! Whether you’re looking for wax, cream or epilator, it’s important to exfoliate your skin. Use a scrub to apply during the shower. Easily massage your skin, especially in areas where you want to remove hair.

Have a hot bath! If you apply the scrub in the shower, it might be better to slightly raise the water temperature. A warm bath will help open the pores and soften your hair.

Apply a lotion with disinfecting properties after the process! The aloe vera extract has antiseptic and disinfectant properties.

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