Simple Steps to Follow to Travel Light

Hello, fashion girl! Since we are in the spring holiday and summer is coming soon, each one of us wants to travel. But as girls, we need to carry many things with us and we don’t want to let something behind. However, we want to travel light, not to burden ourselves and avoid airport fees. This is why today we will talk about short trips, maybe a weekend breakaway and how to travel light following some simple rules.

travel light

1 Be organised

The most important thing when you want to travel light is to be organised. Make a list and check things as you put it in your bag. Or you can find one on the internet. You can download a packing list from here or you can also find other types of lists; just don’t forget it has to fit your needs.

2 Check the forecast

Check, check, check! Check the forecast so you know what clothes to take and not over pack.Plan your outfits; three blouses for three days. It’s really important to have proper clothes that don’t keep you inside because it’s too hot or too cold.

3 Bring proper shoes

This again depends on planning your outfit. Make sure beforehand that your outfits match and also choose the shoes. Most probably you will be walking all day, so you need easy, comfy and resistant shoes. It’s better if you only take one pear to fit them all.

4 Make-up

travel light

Only bring the make-up that you really can’t live without. Get some sunscreen since you will be out all day and don’t worry about looking like you are at a fashion presentation. You don’t want to have a two kg make-up bag that takes half of the space in your luggage. Still, I guess you would like a concealer, mascara and lip-gloss or lipstick since you will be taking pictures.

If all those don’t work, never buy a bag that is bigger than carry-on size. If your travel suitcase is small, there is no possible way to over pack Stay tuned for some more travel tips regrading planning and safety. And remember: leaving your suitcase light means plenty of room for souvenirs!



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