lipstick doesn't last5 reasons why your lipstick doesn’t last

Hello, fashion girl! Lipstick is one of the most important accessories you wear every day! That is why the times when the lipstick is wiped out or stretched can cause you big headaches. But what if I told you I know five reasons why your lipstick doesn’t last?

If you notice your lipstick wipes off no matter how strong it is, you may be making some mistakes when applying. Find out what are the mistakes you make and how you can fix them in order to wear the perfect lipstick of this season:

You press your lips immediately after applying the lipstick!

Don’t worry! You’re not the only woman doing this, it’s a normal action. You apply the lipstick or gloss and the first, instinctive reaction is to press your lips to flatten it. In reality, however, this movement only reduces the shine and removes the product. If you can quit this habit, you will notice that the strength of the lipstick will increase.

Dried lips are one of the reasons why your lipstick doesn’t last!

Do you apply lip balm every night before bedtime and possibly in the morning when you wake up? It’s very good! But you need to know that commercial moisturizers, especially balms, do not moisturize your lips deeply. They create more of a protective barrier. What should you do? Apply a scrub once a week to remove the dead skin from the lips.

You refuse to contour your lips!

If you are wondering what are the five reasons why your lipstick doesn’t last, it’s better to pay attention because we have reached the most important one! Before applying the lipstick, you refuse to apply a lip contour. The contour pencil should be applied to your entire lip if you want a strong color and a surprising effect! Their wax helps keep the lipstick intact when you stretch it over your entire lip.

You just wear lipstick!

The ideal recipe is the following: lip pencil, lipstick and gloss! As I said earlier, first apply a contour pencil, then apply the lipstick without pressing your lips and finally use a gloss for shine and color enhancement!

You don’t use straws when you go out!

An ideal trick if you want your lipstick to last after drinking a latte? Use a straw! It may seem strange to drink your coffee with the straw, but your lipstick will thank you for it.

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