make-up essentialsMake-up essentials for beginners

Hello, fashion girl! Any of us needs to have a shit-hot make-up bag, and that means quality and essential products. However, you don’t want to be broke after buying make-up. You don’t have to buy all you can find in Sephora or to spend a lot of money. All you have to do is get the basic products and this is why we prepared a list of make-up essentials to guide you a little bit.

1 Foundation

This is indispensable. Choose one with SPF so you can wear all day without problems. It depends on your skin when it comes to coverage but the most important thing is to fit your skin colour.

2 Concealer

Show me one girl who doesn’t have dark circles under her eyes. Trust me: if she exists, she’s alien. So, don’t worry about your circles and take a full cover concealer. Preferably, one or two shades brighter than your foundation, but not more than that.

3 Powder

Powder is another high important product in your make-up bag because you have to fix the make-up for the whole day. It doesn’t matter if you have a dry skin, you have to use a powder. Tips: invest in a quality powder and choose a translucent one. It will fit any skin colour.

4 Blush/Bronzer

You’ll think it’s not a part of make-up essentials, but try to contour your face and you’ll see the results. You will look thinner if you increase shadows.

5 Mascara

Fake lashes? Nooo! Good mascara? Yasss! Fake lashes are called “fake” for a reason. Because everybody can see they are fake. Choose a mascara with a quality brush so you don’t get clumps on your eyelashes and don’t apply in many layers.

6 Lipstick

Since we are talking about make-up essentials, don’t forget the lips! From a moisturizing lip balm to a fancy lipstick colour, just get one and hydrate your lips! Pay attention to mattifying lipstick, it dehydrates a lot!

Voilà , you have your make-up bag ready and that without tons of money. You don’t necessarily need brand products, but try to get quality ones. Also, remember that you put them on your face and want them to last all day.

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