the most dangerous dietsThe most dangerous diets in the experts’ opinion. You lose fat, but also health!

Hello, fashion girl! Summer is coming  and we all want to look good in our swimsuits, right? But, sometimes, whatever we do, is not enough to lose weight. You decide to follow one of the most popular diets, because, you know, that famous person used it and he/she looks great. But, is it really good for your health? See if you keep one of the most dangerous diets listed by specialists.

Often, the fact that you do not lose weight is the slightest harm that you can do to these weight-loss diets. In most cases, you get to the end with a few pounds more than when you started your diet.

Mono diet

This cure has some simple rules: you need to eat one type of food a day for a while. You can customize your diet, meaning you can choose to eat only fruits, just vegetables or, for example, low fat meat for a week. What it’s supposed to do: after seven days you can see you lost up to three or four pounds.

This type of diet is low in calories, but also in nutrients. So, the deficiencies of vitamins and minerals appear and the body becomes vulnerable to illness.

Protein diet

The famous Atkins diet is based on consumption of high protein foods. Therefore, to keep this diet you need to focus on eating meat and avoid pasta, bread and sweets.

In addition to causing vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by the reduction or absence of vegetables and fruits, a high consumption of meat increases the chance of having digestive disorders.

Low-fat diet

By cutting fat products such as nuts, fish, meat, dairy and oils, and eating vegetables and fruits, a fat-free diet can make you lose four pounds in a week.

I don’t believe it is necessarily one of the most dangerous diets, but you should not exaggerate, because it also lowers the “good” cholesterol level that protects the health of the heart.

The most dangerous diets: Express diet

This diet, which should not last longer than five days, is based on a drastic reduction in calorie counts. The less you eat, the better.

Famishment, because that’s what we are talking about, leads to headaches, fatigue and other health problems. In addition, at the end of the diet you are in danger of being a new victim of the Yo-yo effect, that is, to return the lost kilos, accompanied by some new bonus.

Hopefully, you can decide if what you follow is one of the most dangerous diets. And you know where to stop. For more health advice, you can go to



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