New Year Resolutions for 2018 in order to become happier

new year resolutions

Since 2017 it’s in the past and left you with some good or bad memories, you should really think about planning your 2018. Somehow, I think my 2017 was the best year for me and I will share with you how I made my year awesome. I created a list with new year resolutions you should try to make your 2018 an amazing year.

Learn how to cook

How many times have you been to a restaurant and didn’t like the food? You don’t like that specific dish because it has tomatoes? Do it yourself and don’t use tomatoes. Cooking will help you impress your significant other or friends when coming over. It will save you money if you don’t eat out everyday at work and also it’s healthier since you use ingredients at your own choice.

Save money

One of the most important new year resolutions is save money. Why? Because money buy stuff: a new computer, a trip or that expensive high-end make-up. Try to set a goal and only spend money when you reach it (excluding your day-to-day expenses: rent, food). I know it’s easier said than done so you can check out my old article regarding this topic by clicking here.

Plan a vacation abroad

You work for your money an entire year, so you need a vacation. Plan a trip abroad at least once a year. You will meet new people, new cultures and you will experience new food. You will create memories to die for and you will have what stories to tell your friends. Or social media, you know.

new year resolutions


No, I am not talking about grades in school. I mean learn something you like or are good at but want to improve. Develop skills that are not taught in school. Maybe you are good at painting, why not sell your work? Or you speak a foreign language; teach it. New skills will make you more open minded and, why not, bring you some extra money.

Clean your house

As part of your new years resolutions, you should start cleaning. Your house, your car, your wardrobe and your mind. Being organized will help you accomplish your goal. I personally, feel more productive when I am working at a clean desk.

Take care of you

By taking care of you, I mean sleep properly, eat healthier and start doing sports. You will thank me later. If you start that now, your body will be amazing in summer. Work with your mind and be happy. Go to that park and take a walk or go for a swim at your local pool if that’s what makes you relax.

Risk it

One of the new years resolutions that made my year incredible was spontaneity. Ok, I know I said you should be organized and healthy and don’t spend too much, but all with a limit. Wanna take an exam, but you are afraid will fail? Wanna apply for that job, but think you are not prepared? Take a chance and do it! Positive result or not, it will give you experience and you will know what needs to be improved.

new year resolutions

This are my new year resolutions I want to try this year too. I hope they are helpful or at least, inspiring. What are your new year resolutions?



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