perfect womanPerfect woman according to nowadays society

Hello, fashion girl! As women we always want to be or to seem perfect, right? Almost every one of us has someone to look up to, the image of perfect woman, the one who is successful, who seems flawless. But what actually is a perfect woman according to nowadays society? Anthony D’Ambrosio from Elite Daily decided to be the “voice” of the men and wrote about what men look for in a woman.

1 Character

First of all, the truly beautiful woman isn’t just a beautiful body or face. And actual men want genuine, real woman. She is the woman who is not afraid to get out of the house in her t-shirt and jeans without makeup. She is the woman who knows how to be feminine and elegant when she goes to a party. It’s the woman who does all things because she first wants to like her.

2 Respect

What is the perfect woman like according to the social standards of the moment? She is more interesting because she doesn’t put her life on the tray. It forces the man to ask, to become curious, to talk, to find conversations with the substance. In the eyes of the man, the woman who receives respect is…the respectable woman. The one who prefers to read a book at home, the more mysterious woman.

3 Affection

Men want a woman to hold their hands to kiss them at any time to ask them how it was their day. As a result, it makes them feel like the intimacy and connection of the couple is increasing.

4 Self-esteem

Also, the woman who loves herself, no matter what downsizes she has, will love her partner, no matter what. Men of today think the woman who has self-esteem is sexy. The woman who knows her value is attractive.

5 Ambition

What does the perfect woman look like if you ask a real man? She is eager to have a successful life so will struggle to reach her goal. The woman of the moment isn’t disappointed when she’s wrong and always wants to be better than yesterday.

6 Intelligence

Furthermore, what is the perfect woman like? She is the woman who can carry stimulating conversations. An intelligent woman who can talk about anything and who wants to make the world a better place.

7 Modesty

A modest woman has compassion therefore, she wants the good of others, she can give up her ego to offer love. The man of the present will tell you that the current woman needs to accept a compliment and enjoy the authentic moments of love.

Seems like it’s not about the looks. So, how many of these qualities you have? Finally, you can work with yourself in order to become “the perfect woman”.

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