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Hello, fashion girl! Summer is finally here and you want to go on your dream holiday. Since I have traveled a lot either planning my own trip or ask for travel agencies services, I have learnt some things. Going on vacation and saving money – at first sight, the two actions seem to be excluded, but that’s not the case. You can plan your trip all by yourself without a travel agency. Sounds complicated? In fact, it’s really easy! That’s why I thought about giving you some advice related to how to plan your trip and be independent.

How to plan your trip with minimal costs: buy the airline tickets in advance

If you take care of your own holiday organization, you learn to find your own cheap airline tickets and make your route the way you want, without depending on others. Start your searches for low-cost companies early and you won’t regret that you didn’t check all the options. Normally, if you buy your tickets early, you save money and find convenient deals, but chances to recover your money if you later change your mind, especially at low-cost companies, are small to nonexistent. Find up-to-date offers on travel sites so you do not miss discounts. Subscribe to newsletters, and like travel pages on social networking sites to stay up to date with news.

What to look for when choosing a hotel

Before booking your hotel try to find out more about the accommodation from Trip Advisor. Here you will find reviews and real pictures from other tourists and you will be able to have an image of the services offered. Additionally, you make sure that there are no extra charges and hidden costs when you reach your destination. You can book hotels and hostels on the phone and on sites such as Booking, Trivago, Hotel and Hostels. The costs are usually higher on the phone than booking online. The more bookings you make on these travel platforms, the faster you become a loyal customer. So you get the new first but you also get discounts on more than one service.

How to get lower prices on plane tickets and accommodation

How to plan your trip? Search the internet for everything that interests you – schedules and prices for train or bus tickets – and make early appointments for museum entries. Remember the best recommendations are from travelers and tourists. Use WikiTravel for general information. Also when you plan your trip it’s a good thing to remember that you can buy city cards with discounts for museums and transportation.

Hope this was helpful and now you got the courage to do it on your own! See you on your next trip!

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