save moneyThree habits that will help you save money

Hello, fashion girl! You are on a budget, right? Of course, we all are. Your are a student, you are not at the tops of your career right now, or you are just a shopaholic. You may want to travel or buy yourself something more expensive or you simply want to stop spending so much. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat crappy food or live in some nasty place just because is really cheap. If you are struggling to save money, then here are three habits that you should nurture in order to handle your finances more responsibly.

  • Maintain a monthly budget

It may sound boring and extremely complicated, but trust me, you don’t need a college degree for that. Setting a monthly budget is a common method to save money. Simply you just need to be responsible, and, you know, adult. I would advise you to split it in four parts: accommodation, food & hygiene, entertainment and saving. Do not touch the savings unless you have no choice. Of course, there will be times you will exceed you budget, but you can’t let it be a habit.

  • Home cooked meals

Boring, again, I know, but try to do it. It will save you a lot of money. Start eating home cooked meals as often as you can. Only eat at a restaurant once in a while, as a treat and you will start enjoying it more. If you are at work, don’t order food everyday, just prepare you lunch the evening before and you’re set to go. To save money and time you should cook meals that can be re-heated and last you two or three days.

  • Wait for ten days

Do not buy out of impulse. If you want to buy something (that is not essential) just wait for ten days. Most of the times, you hadn’t even liked that blouse. You will save money by just waiting for several days. Finally, admit that you didn’t need it and it’s not the end of the world.

Try these tricks for a few months and see it works for you. We are all different and what I like, you may not, but I guess it does worth to save money for that car or that expensive trip you wanted.



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