fishnet tights

What shoes do you wear with fishnet tights: 4 inspiring ideas for this summer

Hello, fashion girl! Fishnet tights are one of the most controversial clothing items of the season. If you fell in love with them and you want to wear them at any price, in any outfit, find out that it is perfectly acceptable to include them in both, party and office outfits. To make sure you do not make a mistake, here are the shoes you can wear with fishnet tights in summer.

No matter what the world says about fishnet tights, you need to know that there is an incredibly cool reference when it comes to ’80s and’ 90s fashion. All you have to do is decide whether or not you have the courage to wear them. And, of course, integrate them in your outfit in line with seasonal trends.

Wear them with white sneakers

Maybe it does not seem right at first glance, but you can even wear your tights in an office outfit. Try them underneath a pair of culottes trousers and with some white sneakers and a male shirt.

fishnet tights with white sneakers

Take the fishnet tights with you in every day outfit along with street slippers

Wear them together with a pair of heel less loafers shoes, some skinny jeans and a shirt with a bold message.

fishnet tights with loafers

They’ll be awesome with a pair of statement shoes

But be careful and approach this combination only in street or party outfits.

fishnet tights with statement shoes

They’re more than stylish along with a pair of short boots

You can use this combination in the festival outfits with a short denim skirt and a t-shirt with a rock band.

fishnet tights with short boots

In addition to the materials you usually pay attention to in the summer, this year also adds knitwear. Yeah, you read it well. You have to learn how to wear your summer knitwear as much as you can. Do not be scared! It’s not about cashmere winter coasters or thick wool. It’s just some of the most fresh parts of the season. Enjoy the fashion and the season!

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