signs you're in loveFour signs you’re in love

Hello, fashion girl! How do you know if you fell in love or simply spotted a man and you just want to “devour” him? You never know at first, of course. But I have made a list with four signs you’re in love according to Elite Daily. When you are in love, you look back at past relationships and realize what didn’t work. You know that feeling when somebody comes into your life and it’s different than the rest. And you begin to think about life as “before” and “after him”.

Is your ego still present?

Your ego should be one of the first signs you’re in love. If you are in love, any ego disappears. Love is honest and unconditional. You are no longer waiting to respond to messages. You allow yourself to be vulnerable and you are not afraid to be yourself.

Learning precious lessons when you are in love

Conflict or arguments in the couple are unavoidable. When you are in love, you don’t make fights a cause for separation. Signs you’re in love? You learn something from every argument. When you love you start to learn from the different opinions of the one next to you. You want to understand your boyfriend, not show him that you’re always right.

His happiness matters no matter what the situation is between you

That’s why his happiness matters. But even when you’re head to the clouds of love, remember that nothing in life is guaranteed forever. If the idea that he could be with another person makes you cry and never leave the house, there might be some ego there. Because when you love you want the happiness of the other. Even when you have to give up.

Are you doing beautiful things full of altruism?

And if you’re in love, or if it’s just the eagerness to be with the other, you’ll do things for your partner. But the intention behind makes the difference. How do you know if you fell in love? When you give your loved one something to satisfy his pleasure, even if it is not your pleasure, that’s love.

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