stages of romantic relationshipsStages of romantic relationships: how intimate are you?

Hello, fashion girl! The stages of romantic relationships evolve and change as we get to know each other. But as we grow up too. We like each other. Then we start to fall in love. We see no flaw in our partner. Then we are teasing. First fight. We may break up or get to divorce. 

But today, we are not talking about men and women who are breaking up. Today we are talking about the stages of romantic relationships, from “butterflies in the stomach” to mature love.

Falling in love

Wow, I love him so much!
He’s the love of my life.
He’s perfect. With him I want to get married!
Yes, you know the “symptoms”, don’t you? It is the sweet and nice time when everything is wonderful and perfect and no one has ever been so in love. Hormones that make you go crazy. And anyway, you will kiss continuously.Falling in love increases dopamine and your body is in complete euphoria. It’s like heroin and that is why one of the most intense stages of your relationship can not be permanent.

The moment you really see him

Landing. It shakes you and then you are standing on the ground. You wake up and see that you have not married the right guy! Seriously! And then it comes to your mind that you never thought about it. And you hope everything will be fine. The stages of romantic relationships evolve with us, it’s normal. However, this phase can be sweet or the lean jumping can be shattered and straightforward.


It’s like every conversation is about who’s picking up garbage, who’s doing shopping, who’s cooking, and who’s doing the vacuuming. Okay, sometimes the stages of romantic relationships are more “domestic”, not to say slightly dull. But this routine is not wrong. It is a sign that your couple relationship can survive everyday problems (repetitive). Don’t forget it’s important from time to time to get out of it.

The moment you remind yourself why you chose him

The day you look at him and say, “Wow, I’ve forgotten how sexy he is when he shaves!” Or he thinks, “Wow, she’s so sexy without makeup after sleep!”. Of all the stages of romantic relationships, this takes you closer to total, mature acceptance and love. And the moment you realize that you enjoy his presence in your life deserves anything! This comes after you solve your problems together.

Authentic love

Or the moment when, even if you are arguing on the remote or you have a discussion about what how bad that restaurant is, you think “I was lucky with him” or “I’m blessed” or “I love him so much”.
When you live all the stages of romantic relationships and get to it all is zen. Sex is the best. True love seems to bloom in about the fifth year of relationship, and hence the stages of romantic relationships rotate, come back, mix. Sometimes fast. Sometimes slowly.

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