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Hello, fashion girl! Knock-Knock! Who’s there? Finals! Yes, finals are almost here an I thought about talking to you about some study tips that I use. Let’s start from the beginning. I have always had very good grades without having to study too much just because I would never forget what happened in class so I was ready to answer anytime. Simply because I remembered. But that was long time ago. Since I got into university turned more and more difficult and I had a huge amount of information to study. That’s why I looked for some study tips to help me pass my exams and also go to work and still have my free time. And I found them, so today I will share my study tips with you.

1 Find the time of the day you are more productive

Personally, at home and at work, I do most of my tasks in the first part of the day. Sometimes even before lunch. That’s when my brain is fresh and rested so I can focus better and finish faster. I know some people are night owls, but all you have to do is find the part of the day which fits you and it will be a major improvement.

2 Rewrite your notes

I get all my lectures from university on my computer, so I don’t have to write anything in class. But as you may know, those are hard to follow. I discovered that hand writing helps me remember, so what I do is read the materials and make a summary on my paper using arrows and colors.

3 Gather all your study materials before starting

It’s important to have everything ready before starting. This way you don’t get distracted. If you get up from your desk, you are more likely to loose your desire to study.

4 Plan your schedule

Actually, organize. Take your time and make a plan and try to stick with it. Don’t spend several days only studying. Your brain can’t absorb the information if you study all day long. Instead, start early and give yourself time. Study everyday, but in short sessions, maybe two or three hours.

5 Don’t procrastinate

Yes, you saw this in all study tips articles. There’s a reason for that. You always think you have time. You don’t. And you will find yourself trying to memorize 100 pages the night before the exam and hope for a passing grade.

6 Understand what you read

One of the most important study tips I use is understanding. You can’t memorize what you don’t understand. Or at least, not for long. Use the internet to look for other explanations. Ask a friend, a classmate, a teacher. You can also use pictures or anything that helps, but it’s important to not go further until you fully understand.

These are the study tips I use and I hope it will help you too. See you after finals!

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