summer hats 2017Fashionable summer hats: what patterns conquer you this summer

Hello, fashion girl! Who is a hat girl? We’ll take any reason to rock a hat, but sun protection certainly tops the list. Block harmful rays while relaxing at the pool with one of these summer hats that also doubles as a fashion statement.So, summer is right on the corner and you need to be in trend.

Your wardrobe needs some summer-specific pieces to get in the new season story. In the months that follow, besides the usual accessories you always appeal to, focus on a selection of fashionable summer hats that will take you out of anonymity and will add style to your outfits.

Wear them on the beach, along with the shirt dresses and the laced shoes.  In daytime outfits I suggest you to wear them in eclectic combinations, either with all white outfits or alongside boho dresses or spectacular denim pieces.

Summer hats: cowboy hat

cowboy summer hats

This is the least pretentious of the spring 2017 head-wear trends. It’s an ultra cool piece that you can wear in eclectic outfits. It comes perfectly with denim shirts and you can pear them with white sneakers.

Summer hats: denim hat

denim summer hats

Take it with you at the beach, but also works with day-dresses. Also, you can pear it with striped shirt dresses and platform sandals.

Summer hats: embroidered text hat

summer hats embroidered text

Pear it with white tops with bare shoulders and a pair of culottes trousers. Also, choose a pear of sandals with a 90s style platform.

Summer hats: straw boater hat

summer hats straw

The reason the boater sun hat is named that way is the fact that it makes you look like you’re going for boating. The straw style has a shorter, flat brim, and is an accessory you can wear all summer. Use it in stylish outfits, along with poplin dresses and flats.


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