walking in heelsWalking in heels: the test that helps you buy the right shoes for you

Hello, fashion girl! Each of us has an event coming where you want to be elegant or you simply want to be girly in your everyday life. Walking in heels can be quite painful and tiring, especially if you haven’t chosen the right shoes for you. Don’t struggle to walk on heels that are too tall, too thin or awkward and choose those pairs of shoes that make you feel comfortable even after a few hours of wearing.

The “2.5 centimeters” test will help you choose the right height for you and you’ll figure out if you can wear the shoes you want to buy. Are you wondering how the test helps you in buying the right shoes for you? When trying a new pair of shoes, it’s enough to take a straight position with well-stretched legs. Try to support yourself at the top of your feet and lift your heels slightly. Lift yourself at a distance of 2.5 centimeters from the sole of your shoe. If you can do this, walking in heels will be easy for you.

It is very important to keep in mind the material from which the shoes are made, but also the way they are made. Choose easy to wear models and don’t get damaged quickly. Analyze the stitches and make sure the pair you buy is good quality.

Once you’ve done the test, you can buy your favorite pair of shoes and wear them wherever you want. When walking on heels, it’s important to first step on the heels, then on the tip your toes. You need to keep your position straight and relaxed. Coordinate your steps. Practice at home before your big event. It’s important to be able to keep your balance while walking in heels. So, next time rock those high heels!

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