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Hello, fashion girl. Long time, no see. As a young adult, you have a lot of important events happening in your life. And of course, what is the biggest problem for a fashion girl? What to wear for an event. I decided to start a new series of articles, what to wear for <insert event here>, which means I will try to advise you what to wear for the special occasions in your life. As the school year has finished for some of us, we will reach one of the most popular topics regarding school in this article: graduation.

What to wear for graduation?

You finished high school or university and it’s your big day. You’ll have a long day ahead of you with the ceremony and maybe you’re going out after that. if you decided to go out after the ceremony, don’t grab your highest heels. You will be tired and your feet will hurt. The purpose of this day is you enjoying it and if you are tired, that won’t happen. Instead of high heels, you can try thick or squared heels. And even platforms. If you aren’t comfortable with heels, try sandals.

Regarding the clothing part, don’t wear something uncomfortable. You don’t need that tight dress because no one will see it. The graduation gown covers you up to your knees. And then again, if you go out after that, you want to be comfortable. You can try a flowy dress since it’s summer.

One piece of advice I should give. Talk to your classmates and see what they are going to wear. You don’t want to be too extra or too casual. And in the end, just wear what makes you feel good. Be yourself and ask yourself how do you want to remember this day. If you feel better wearing jeans, just do it.

Last, but not least, congratulations, you did it!

Next articles from this series will refer to what to wear at a interview or wedding, so keep in touch until next time.


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